Strategy Overview

Our Strategy

GB Auto is a uniquely diversified, leading player in key markets of the Middle East and North African region’s automotive segment. The company’s assembly, manufacturing, sales and distribution, and after-sales service operations span multiple market segments, including passenger cars, motorcycles, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, tires, lubricants, pre-owned vehicles and retail, as well as being complemented by corporate, consumer and microfinance activities.

The company’s activities form a three-axis strategy: expanding high-margin operations, growing our product portfolio and targeting exports to high-growth markets.

Expanding High-Margin Operations

Following the approval of the EGP c.960 million capital increase, GB Auto is set to expand its high-margin Motorcycles & Three-Wheelers and Tires lines of business through both the construction of a new two- and three-wheelers plant to allow full CKD assembly and through deepening the company’s presence in the tires industry by entering the tire manufacturing business. GB Auto will also remain focused on nurturing steady growth in other lines of business.

Growing our Product Portfolio

With the recent launch of pre-owned vehicles and lubricants — and final preparations underway to launch the retail division in 2015 — GB Auto is looking to further expand its product reach across all countries of operation with new brand representations and a wider product portfolio. GB Auto remains the clear partner of choice for any OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and we expect our positive reputation to help us grow our relationship with current partners as well as enter into new arrangements with other leading global brands.

Targeting Exports to High-Growth Markets

Going forward, GB Auto will continue to target exports in new high-growth markets, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and East African markets the company has entered via GB Polo. Management’s plans include the exploration of new export vistas in East Africa, North Africa and the GCC, marking a significant new development in the company’s drive to diversify both revenues and earnings by product line and geography. Serving clear demand in export markets from Egypt will allow GB Auto to mitigate new foreign territory risk while working simultaneously to address risk in Iraq and Algeria, the two most promising of the company’s present expansion markets.