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GB Auto is a leading automotive company in the Middle East and North Africa and non-bank financial services provider in Egypt. Across seven primary lines of business — Passenger Cars, Motorcycles & Three-Wheelers, Commercial Vehicles & Construction Equipment, Tires, Financing, After-Sales, and Regional operations — the company’s main business activities include assembly, manufacturing, sales and distribution, financing and after-sales services.

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Egypt Passenger Cars

  • Assembly and distribution of imported Completely-Knocked-Down (CKD) kits with a production capacity of around 70,000 units per year for the Egyptian market
  • Distribution of imported Completely-Built-Up (CBU) vehicles
  • Financing options provided through Drive
  • Brands: Hyundai, Mazda, Geely, Chery

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Egypt Motorcycles & Three-Wheelers

  • Distribution of motorcycles and three-wheelers (“tuk-tuks”)
  • Financing options provided through Mashroey
  • Brands: Bajaj

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Egypt Commercial Vehicles & Construction Equipment

  • Assembly and distribution of trucks
  • Bus-body manufacturing; distribution of buses
  • Manufacturing and distribution of superstructures and trailers
  • Distribution of construction and farming equipment
  • Brands: Mitsubishi, Volvo, Iveco, Fuso, YTO, GB Polo, SDLG, AKSA

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Egypt Tires

  • Distribution of passenger car, van, truck, construction equipment and bus tires
  • Brands: Verde, Yokohama, Lassa, Westlake, Double Coin

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Egypt After-Sales

  • After-sales services and distribution of spare parts for passenger cars, motorcycles & three-wheelers, and commercial vehicles
  • The largest cross-country network of its kind
  • Constant and ongoing expansion of network and service center capacities

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  • Distribution of imported CBU passenger car units in Iraq (Hyundai) and Algeria (Geely)
  • Distribution of Bajaj motorcycles & three-wheelers in Iraq, and after-sales services
  • Distribution of Westlake, Diamond Back, and Jumbo tires in Iraq; Avon, Diamond Back, Triangle, Waterfall, and Jumbo in Jordan; and Goodyear, Lassa, and Grandstone in Algeria
  • The company operates after-sales service centers in both Iraq and Algeria
  • Market: Algeria, Iraq, Jordan
  • Brands: Hyundai, Geely, Bajaj, Westlake, Diamond Back, Jumbo, Avon, Triangle, Waterfall, Goodyear, Lassa, Grandstone

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Financing Businesses

  • GB Auto’s Financing Businesses cater to all market segments
  • GB Lease provides business-to-business financial leasing solutions. Assets financed are diversified, including real estate, automotive, production lines, and other asset classes
  • Mashroey offers asset-based microfinance lending to eligible clients for the purchase of motorcycles, tuk-tuks, YTO tractors and motor tricycles
  • Drive offers consumer financing of passenger cars and factoring of auto and non-auto products
  • Haram Tourism Transport (HTT) provides car rental services on a quasi-operational lease basis
  • Tasaheel offers microfinance lending solutions to micro-entrepreneurs throughout Egypt, with a specific focus on group lending to women
  • Companies: GB Lease, Mashroey, Drive. Haram Tourism Transport, Tasaheel
  • Market: Egypt

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  • Parts and lubricants business, PAL, distributes G-Energy and Gazprom Neft products in Egypt
  • The pre-owned vehicles division rolled-out a Western-style pre-owned car operation under the brand name Fabrika
  • Retail division 360 operates after-sales and retail outlets, distributing tires, tire parts, batteries, parts and lubricants, and will also offer related services in various locations
  • Companies: PAL, Fabrika, 360
  • Market: Egypt